Soonsung Safety Center was established in 2013 as the first research center dedicated to a car seat in Korea,
which is in charge of the development and quality control of DUCLE’s car seat products.

R&D activities are conducted for a new product and safety tests are conducted under a strict
and tough condition for a quality management of products continuously at Soonsung Safety Center.
Our highly skilled researchers use child restraint system (CRS) test equipment that meet international standards
and reproduce actual accidents at the speed of 50~55km with dummies (mannequins for crash test).
We use dummies of various sizes to represent each growth stage of children.
The test results including the movement of dummies for each body part and amount of shock are analyzed thoroughly
to be incorporated in product development, and utilized for perfect quality control.



DUCLE has developed Axial ISOFIX that moves along
the vertical axis,and applies them to PINN car seat.
This technology minimizes injury to a child by distributing shock energy created upon car crash with axis movement of ISOFIX vertically and horizontally.
This reduces the composite acceleration delivered to a child.
In addition,joints that can move vertically can install the baby seat tightly on the car seat.


Our product does not use single filling material.
Shock absorption function and comfort are enhanced by using filling made of composite materials suitable for absorbing shocks to each body part.
PINN car seat reduces vibration and maximizes shock
absorption function by applying memory foam at the center of both sides of the headrest to which EPP is applied.


Unintended separation of the baby car seat and the resulting
shock are prevented by applying double lock system
with which separation of the baby seat
from a seat is possible only when 2 buttons are pressed simultaneously, to ISOFIX.


DUCLE Headquarters takes direct care of all the processes
from product development, safety test, production, and quality control.
DUCLE runs an integrated safety management system that enables thorough production and post quality control,
which makes DUCLE different from other domestic brands that either develop their products
and subcontract with overseas plants for the production part or import and sell products manufactured in other countries.

Accordingly, we continuously check the quality of our products after sales
and provide prompt and accurate feedback to customer inquiries including after sales service.

DUCLE always pursues reliable product quality and customer satisfaction based on
its integrated system that covers the entire process from product development to production,
directly managed by DUCLE headquarters in Korea.


  • Product development

  • Safety test

  • Production

  • Quality control