SINCE 1952

Soonsung, established as Soonsung Industrial in 1952, has contributed to increasing the use of car seats
and raising safety awareness by establishing a plant for manufacturing car seats for babies for the first time in Korea.
This is significant in that back then Korean people had not fully recognized the importance of using a car seat.

Based on its firm belief that safety should be the topmost priority while making children’s products,
the company has become more than just a car seat manufacturer.
It has launched a brand SOONSUNG to communicate with our customers and the brand has become
synonymous with car seats in Korea thanks to our long-time efforts.


Our company has contributed to protecting
children in Korea with our safe products

Now, our company aims to grow into a global company for
infants and children’s products to keep children worldwide
safe going beyond the national boundaries.


We are committed to making safe and reliable products and will strive through
quality products to make the world safer and happier for our children.