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easy-to-carry hybrid stroller

KC Safety
For use 0~15kg / from new born to 3 years
Size Unfolded_ 500 X 650 X 1000mm
folded _ 500 X 340 X 590mm
Weight 6.7kg (excluding canopy and T bar)
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Up to 170°
Reclining feature

It is an A type stroller suitable for new born babies.
The seat reclines back up to 170°

The seat can be adjusted to almost horizontal position to protect
the child's neck and spine / It also helps the child have a deep sleep.

3-step adjustable reclining

The back support is adjustable in three steps depending on the child’s condition.

One-touch type face-to-face mode conversion
for communication with your child

You can easily turn the stroller into
the face-to-face mode anytime with a one-touch function.

It is an indispensable function for new born babies
who need frequent check-up and care.

One hand lever reclining
for comfortable and right position

The Reclining angle can be adjusted by a lever using your hand.

Wide and strong back support made of reinforced plastic material Supports
your child’s back more stably than back support made of DANPLA material.

Unlike the strap adjustment type, the child can keep
a comfortable and appropriate position during a long-term drive.

Protect your child from ultraviolet rays
with canopy folding in three steps

The canopy protects your child’s soft skin from strong ultraviolet rays.

It is adjustable in three steps.

2-step adjustable footboard for
the convenience of your child

The footboard supports your child’s legs and can be adjusted in 2 steps.

Easy to check on the child
through a mesh window

You can check on your child anytime easily through a mesh-type window.

Travel stroller for airplanes
Compact size

It makes your travel comfortable as the stroller is compact enough to be a carry-on item.
You can go anywhere with Mobi.

※ The allowable carry-on item standard may be different
depending on the airline or type of aircraft.

Easy folding & self-standing
Easy to fold with 2-step folding function
Convenient to use with standing function

You feel less burden when you carry your child in a stroller as the stroller
is easy to unfold in 2 steps and to fold in 3 steps.

to enhance safety of the stroller

T-bar is applied for the safety and convenience of your child.
It prevents the child from slipping out of the stroller and helps
the child to get into the stroller stably.

T- bar can be fully opened or detached,
so you can adapt it to your needs.

Comfortable feeling on the ride with optimized shock absorption effect.
Independent suspension and ball bearing

You can provide optimized shock absorption effect and comfortable
feeling to your precious little one on the ride thanks to
independent suspension of 4 wheels.

Furthermore, 10 ball bearings inserted on the front and rear wheels
and spin axis in the front wheels offer a smooth and comfortable ride
for the child and safeguards him/her from fatigue.

Reflected line
for a safe night drive

Reflective materials are used to reflect
the headlight of a car for a safe night drive.

Easy and accurate stop
with one touch break

One touch break stops the stroller rapidly and accurately

5-point seat belt
provides stability to the child

The 5-point seat belt makes the stroller safer.


A basket is located at the bottom,
adding to convenience when you go out.


The footboard helps the child keep a stable
position without leaving their legs float in the air.


Organizer bag

shoulder strap

cup holder

wind shield

premium new born baby seat

cool seat

handle cover