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KC Safety
For use 0~18kg / from new born to 4 years
Size 440 X 600 X 620 (+90) mm
Weight 14.6kg
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360° smooth spin at all angles

It spins freely at all angles and is half locked at 90 degrees
for easy and safe seating and carrying of a child.

evolved into axial movement

The joint moves up and down regardless of seat structure of the car
and location of the ISOFIX anchor.
This makes it possible for the baby car seat to be installed tightly on the vehicle seat.

This distributes the shock energy effectively upon collision
and minimizes vibration, providing the most comfortable feeling on the seat.


[ISOFIX for axial movement up and down]
As the axial movement of ISOFIX distributes shock energy
vertically and horizontally upon collision,
the composite acceleration delivered
to the child is reduced and thereby injury to the child is minimized.

Eco-friendly, safer option

Safety has improved with the use of EPP, an eco-friendly and non-toxic material
used for helmets and car bumpers, thanks to its capability to absorb
shock energy and recover its original shape.

  • EPP :A non-toxic, eco-friendly material made in round particle
    shape by blowing pure poly propylene (PP) physically
  • EPS :Chemical material made through reaction
    between chemical foaming agents.
    It has less durability and shock-recovery power than EPP.
Design structure to protect the head
Multiple Side Protection

Multiple filling material (M.S.P) suitable for absorbing shocks to
each body part is used rather than applying a single filling material.
This enhances shock absorption performance and provides
more comfortable feeling on the ride.

Memory foam

It is a special viscoelastic material developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to protect an astronaut's spine and back from significant shock and pressure upon taking off of a spacecraft. It is effective in absorbing shocks and quickly recovers original shape.

8-step height
adjustable headrest

Considering that your child is growing rapidly, the headrest
has been designed such that it can be adjusted with 8-steps.

This offers perfect protection to your child’s head.
The part from back support to headrest has been
applied with a flat design to prevent neck cracking.

5-step reclining,
maximum 145 degrees

Up to 145-degree reclining function is enabled when the baby seat is
installed facing the rear and up to 125-degree reclining
function is enabled when it is installed
facing the front side to prevent burden to the neck and spine of a young baby.

Reclining function is adjustable in 5 steps and you can adjust it
at an appropriate degree if the baby falls asleep during the drive.

Full sunshade
to prevent ultraviolet rays 100%

The sunshade covers up to the toe of the child
when the baby car seat is installed facing the rear.
Ultraviolet rays are prevented perfectly at any angle with full sunshade.

3-layered lateral protection

The Side Impact Protection Guard made of
special PVC material offers 3-layered lateral protection.

Effective shock dispersion
with 5-point safety belt

The product uses 5-point safety belt which is effective for shock dispersion.
The inner side of the belt is processed with special silicon to maximize
friction between the shoulder and cover upon crash to
minimize movement of the head, reducing the possibility of a second crash.

Rebound stopper for shock absorption
and prevention of a second crash

It protects the child from a second crash by dispersing energy
delivered in rebound direction after the first crash
and preventing movement of the baby car seat.

In particular, the rebound stopper, which is designed at a high place,
can effectively absorb shocks and reduce movement of the baby seat.

Newborn system
Optimized system for new born babies

The inner seat for new born babies is composed of head, body and cushion,
optimized for each growth stage, from new born babies to child weighing up to 13kg.

The belt that comes into contact with the baby's thigh
comes with a cover to protect the baby's delicate skin.
Further, the shoulder- belt is detachable and easy to wash.

Double Lock System
for optimal safety

The unintended separation of the car seat and the resulting shock are prevented
by applying a double lock system which ensures that separation of the baby seat from the vehicle seat takes place only when 2 buttons are pressed simultaneously, to ISOFIX.